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When life gives you COVID

Updated: Jun 14

Day four.

When life gives you lemons.. In this case the lemons are my room/bed/staying home. I can always make the best out of staying home. Today I learned more chords on my mountain dulcimer, even learned a song on it, all while I daydreamed of being in a folk band. I visited my friend Richard at The Ada News to ask him some journalist etiquette questions. We chatted for about an hour about writing/journalism, and about religion and politics. He even gave me a slice of pizza. He says he really doesn't eat pizza often but the past two times I have seen him he has given me pizza. I'm onto you, Richard. I won't judge you for eating pizza, I see all the healthy dinners you post to your facebook!!

It is really hard to ignore the curiosity burning inside me. I've always wondered if maybe I am too fearless or too curious? For example, if The New York Times were to contact me today in search of a journalist to send over seas to cover war, pollution, etc. I would GO. I'd prepare properly, but nobody would be able to hold me back. I would go. Those things excite me, even knowing the risks.. I'm sure you can tell where I'm headed with this. But we won't go there today. Still social distancing, don't worry.

I started painting on a sheet of brown packing paper. I've had the paper for a while and have planned on painting it eventually. I started what sort of looks like a cardinal, but the more time I look at it, while its still drying, the more I want change it completely. But oil painting is a process...I made a base before hand with gesso in hopes the oil won't bleed onto the papers surface, as long as I use light layers. We'll see what it turns in to.

If you stuck around this long comment "potato" on the facebook link so we can confuse all of my facebook friends.

Here is a snippet of a song by Maggie Rogers that I learned on my dulcimer this evening, it is fun to sing along with now that I'm a little more comfortable on this instrument..

Some tunes from my day...

* https://open.spotify.com/track/4qxjI4FsrdL2ftHMrSG88U?si=2xzUvVNbRvelyX6xbeG99A

This is a song by Brian Elmquist, he is one of the members of my favorite band, The Lone Bellow. Who I was blessed to get to see live for the third time, almost a month ago in Dallas.

In a day or two I'll upload some of the videos I have taken from their shows.. They are lovely to stream but even lovelier to hear them live. Here is the link to stream their music on Spotify. Please do stream them. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite music. https://open.spotify.com/artist/7JFtD8KnbAADBBDleIMuH7?si=HrQbsB_4QeO4klEak7VpHw

Annndddd a Mad Honey song.

* https://open.spotify.com/track/5XIi2PqVk4R7NSs33yl25M?si=44xXCHL6T3qa5EvlgOlqRw

And like before, I leave you with a film photo.. I call this High Kick in Nevada?? lol

Taken on my Nikkormat EL on Portra 160

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