• Mac

Racial injustice met with protests all over the world..

I drove the distance between Ada and Tulsa, Oklahoma to protest along with thousands of others the racial injustice and discrimination that so many are seemingly ignoring.. But these people give me hope. Those using their voices to stand against racism and discrimination and division, all of them give me hope.

If you know anything about the Greenwood district, it also is the home of what used to be Black Wall Street.. Until the Tulsa Race Massacre in May of 1921. The protest was held on the 99th anniversary of the massacre. White supremacists murdered blacks, burned residencies and businesses. Every sense of security for the black community here and all over the United States was lost. For a more detailed history, here is a graphic arts detailed timeline of the Tulsa Race Massacre.. It reads just like a comic book.

I brought along with me a sign that read, "THERE IS NO NEUTRAL!", and about 3 different film cameras. These trustee sidekicks included a $3 Pentax IQ Zoom 160 that I found at goodwill last month, my Nikkormat EL whose body I had just replaced.. only to fuck up the film advance lever weeks after replacing at this very protest...

A disposable camera, which I have yet to get developed.

Here are the results..

The purpose behind their movement is obvious and admirable.

The sign being held high reads some of George Floyd's last words.

"I can't breathe. My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts. They're going to kill me."

This photo is eery and I love everything about it.

Advocates swarm the justice center in Downtown Tulsa.

Along with chants repeating, "No justice, no peace. No racist police."

The one holding the drum could be found throughout the entirety of the march, bringing a beat.

For this photo, I found myself climbing up the steep side of an overpass.

Thousands of protesters not even pictured marched with me this day.

In the photo below, the tip-top of a horse trailer can be seen parked on the overpass. Not twenty minutes after I took this photo, the driver in the red truck attached, maliciously drove through the crowd of protestors. Resulting in a man falling from the overpass and a woman injured up above.

Soon after protestors took to twitter with a video of the incident. They released his tag number and discovered days later that he was a retired police officer. At the barricades he was immediately let free by the Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen.