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Oh funk.

Updated: Jun 14

It's day 10.. I know I skipped yesterday. And the day before. Sorry. I pretty much did absolutely nothing besides play my dulcimer and at one point I even took a drive around the neighboring neighborhoods with my windows down. It was a good day for that. But I just did not feel like writing and have been in kind of in a funky mood and I can't quite figure out why. Surely its not the self isolation.. lol. No, really I think its just much too easy for anyone to inflict on my personal space. I don't know why I am the way I am.

This morning I went to work and made yummy coffees and when I got home, I practiced my dulcimer for a long while. I took a little nap, for only 10 minutes, otherwise rested my eyes for an hour or so while Tangled played on my tv.

I'm starting to feel very worried about classes going all online for the remaining semester.. One online class is fine, but I do not feel like I have the self discipline for ALL of them to be online, not even a little bit. I have never been able to do my school work at home. I almost always go sit in a coffee shop, or at the school to get my homework done. This is going to be challenging for me. (':

I'm wanting to send off more film for developing.. It is rather expensive but it brings me joy to see the results. In all of this free time I'd like nothing more than to visit Julia and stay a night with her in Tulsa.. but social distancing makes that nearly impossible. We had made plans to go rollerskating and get takeout. If everyone else would practice social distancing too, we would all be able to go back to normal soon. But with the US government and Trump making the decisions, it will only get worse before it gets better.

After writing that, and feeling discouraged.. I received the sweetest bit of snail mail all the way from Ibaraki, Japan. Sent from a sweet friend of mine, Yuuka. Yuuka stayed with me and my family for a month my junior year of high school. I can't wait to one day visit her in Japan. In my package she gifted me a few packets of traditional origami paper and she even mailed a beautiful and teeny bird that she folded herself. It made my day much brighter. Yuuka, if you read this.. I MISS YOU. RESCUE ME FROM AMERICA. lol

Today I listened to a lot of Ali Holder.. I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to her perform at one of Mike McClure's house concerts. She is very talented. She has a nice alternative/folk rock sound to her music, I love it.


The house concerts are very sweet and intimate. I recently interviewed Mike for my blog, Oklahomies, and he talked a bit about them. Here is the link.

I bid thee farewell with another film photo from Vancouver, Washington.