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No Corona, still alona..

Updated: Jun 14

Day five.

COVID 19 stats.. here.

Today did not start like most of my days do. Instead it began at 3am with a banging. Not quite as intense as the banging I'm accustomed to. I'll call it more of a knocking. To call it a tap would be insulting.. It's a pattern for me to wake up around that time with a headache when the weather is being all kinds of funky. I'm hoping in the nights to come that this won't be a pattern. At least this time it wasn't a migraine. This morning...this morning in particular it was soothed by a bowl of oatmeal and the smell of peppermint. After I tried to fall back asleep for an hour. When I'm awake at that time I almost always feel delusional. Kind of like an adult baby, or the way you feel when you're drunk off of your favorite sweet red. But honestly, babies and small children act just like drunks in tiny bodies. If you subtract the belligerence. Any who, I ate my oatmeal and fell soundly to sleep for another three or so hours. Just like a baby/drunk.

We have been out of internet for a few days because of construction in our den. The only room we can connect the modem in. I can entertain myself fine without it, but cannot upload blogs or work on photography things without it. So here I am, beginning this blog at about 11am inside the infamous Arbuckle Craft Coffee.

It's now 8:30pm. I bought a pot for one of my plants who is growing out of it's current pot. I'm excited to see it thrive in its new home. I brought Florence home from the coffee shop. She is my Philodendron. She is homed in a beautiful red pot I picked up from Home Depot a few weeks back. Today I saw a few friends of mine in Home Depot. Abbie and I did a heel bump while Madi and I air hugged from a distance. I'm not much of a hugger but when I haven't seen a dear friend in a while I will wrap them in a tight hug. It's always like coming home. It was a weird feeling not being able to hug her. Kind of tugged on my heart strings because I have not truly felt the emotional toll of social distancing until that moment..because well, I enjoy being alone. Weird, I know. While I was skipping through Home Depot I stopped by the lighting section.. because it is beautiful. I've always wanted to go in there at night with only the lights in that section lit up. I bet it's lovely.

I haven't re potted my plant just yet, as it is a chilling 40 something degrees outside. Combine that with wet soil and I will pass. I'm always cold as it is. Instead I moved some more things around on my bedroom walls.. here just a little bit of my organized chaos..

Mom is making my Nanny's famous stew. I cannot wait to warm up with a bowl of steamy goodness. I'm currently wrapped in a blanket. Already wearing a two sweaters, socks AND leggings snd I'm still freezing. I have north facing windows in my bedroom..

How are you all? Are you panicked/stressed/worried? I am worried but I would not go as far to say panicked. But I'm very lucky to be taken care of in terms of food and shelter. I think I am mostly worried for the elderly who cannot get groceries and those who may be suicidal. I wonder what this pandemic will do for suicide numbers throughout this social distancing endeavor.. I don't see it going well. Hmph. If any of you reading this ever need a listening ear, I am only a message away. I see you and I hear you. Talk to me. During this time maybe we could all share the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline phone number. 1-800-273-8255

Check in on your friends and relatives. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face and please stay home as much as possible.

As usual, I leave you with a film photo. Julia during our road trip to Oregon in July. She will hate me for this but I think she is so lovely. I do miss this friend of mine so very much.

Shot on Nikkormat EL with Portra 160.

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