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M-m-m-my Corona

Updated: Jun 14

Day one of social distancing.

It’s Monday, the 16th of March. Covid-19  is already rampant in other countries and growing rapidly here in our own. I heard Donald Trump on the news earlier saying something about how the virus was such a sudden thing and a surprise and that we are lucky we are already on top of things. I disagree, imagine that. We knew about Corona months before we ever even took our own precautions as a country. We should have made necessary restrictions as soon as the first case was diagnosed in the states.

It’s my first day of “social distancing.” As of now, I feel this holds a different meaning for everyone.. Until we are all made to take the same precautions as each other.

For me, it means that I am still going to work when I'm scheduled and only going out to do the necessary things. If I see any of my friends, because I have so many..we will be staying inside, going on walks and picking up takeout for dinner. I have a mask equipped in my car if I have to go to the grocery store and my hand sanitizer is within arms reach at all times. I’ve wiped down the inside of my car with Clorox wipes twice a day since Saturday. I’m expecting within the next couple of weeks that we will have some type of lockdown on the city of Ada and I'm anticipating what the surreal feeling of this pandemic will be like.

This morning I went in to work for two hours to clean up the shop, I went to the bank to deposit a check into my bank account, and hobby lobby to snag a few supplies for the down-time I'm sure to have. I've also been working on my website some of the day..I’m expecting small businesses will have to close temporarily in my town in the coming weeks, which means I need to save a bit of money.I am really pushing at selling my prints online right now and am trying to figure out my first step in an online store via this website instead of doing it through direct message.

It is now 2:58 pm and I am writing this while listening to The Mamas & The Papas. I’ve always liked them, but never really dove into their music much until one of my professors, Dr.Sutton, decided to play them one morning before class. I haven’t been able to go a day without listening to the song ‘Free Advice’ since.

To-do today:

Order 18x24 waterfall print,

Order 5x7 waterfall, graveside and moon print

Edit Photos

Submit final assignment for Oklahomies.

Practice guitar/paint

Finish my Harry Potter book

Snuggle Margot

Hoping this log of my days will hold me accountable as I am a super big procrastinator. We will see.

A fairly recent film photograph I have taken if anyone cares to have a gander. Maybe I'll upload one every day during my Corona diaries.

Taken on my Olymous OM10 with Portra 100

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