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Every day is Saturday

Updated: Jun 14

Day eleven.

Yesterday at work I tried a prismo for the first time. A brand we use, Fellow, declared it to be prismo week! What a fun way to jazz up your coffee routine in quarantine/self distancing. To make a prismo you have to have a specific attachment for your French press. A prismo is only about 3 or 4 ounces of strong coffee. It is pretty much as potent as a shot of spro. You can even make espresso this way by using a different technique. I read something on their website about the prismo technique being used by war vets in WWI WWII to make what we call an Americano. SO COOL.

Anyways after work I came home and I edited a few photos, but I'm trying to change the way I edit and it's been so hard to figure it out what exactly I want in the finished product. So annoying. I played a little music on my dulcimer and I made origami butterflies to tape to my mirror for the neighborhood art walk. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard of. Encouraging neighbors to get creative during this time when things may seem a bit scary.

So far today, I've showered and took a drive with Margot for some fresh air, she loves to stick her head out the window. I've checked my student email because I can no longer ignore the blackboard notifications haunting me. I made a schedule for each week day, scheduling in times each day for my coursework.

----------9 hours later----------

I watched Frozen and after staring at a tv for 2 hours I started to get a migraine. woohoo. So I slept for 4 hours with an icepack on my face. I dropped some melatonin in my friend's mailbox soon after I woke up.. she hasn't slept much in the last few nights. When I got home I played a bit of my electric. I've been practicing on it a lot so I'm excited to update you guys with a video soon. (:

I hope you are well. It sucks that the US is first in the world for the most covid-19 cases. Stay home and stay safe.xx

This was shot on my Nikkormat EL in Portland, Oregon.