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Corona... Light

Updated: Jun 14

Day two.

It is 8 am and my dog has been chasing her tail in our not so big bedroom for 15 minutes.. it’s going to be a long day.

I ate a cliff bar and drank some almond milk for breakfast, I usually cannot eat a whole meal for breakfast. Skipped coffee today because my only option was the Keurig where I have been staying. Took a shower and even shaved my legs for the first time in two months. My mom will be proud reading that, maybe.

At one point in the day I got so bored that I started listening to the background music that is played on SpongeBob and let me tell you.. Jelly Fish Jam slaps.

If you can even believe it, Trump said something racist, again. I pissed off republicans by sharing it to my facebook feed, as per the norm.

I thought I had to work today, so I went to the shop and clocked in and Kendall reminded me that I never saw the schedule change picture he sent to the group. So he sent me on an errand for milk before I went back home.

So I braved Braums and an old man accused me of panic buying 9 gallons of milk with saying, “Oh great they’re going to buy all the milk now too.”

I didn’t say anything in return, i’m sure my cheeks flared up and I just gave an awkward soft smile and went on.

Earlier I spent some time helping mom wipe down the dusty walls before they moved all of the furniture from one room to another. We are playing musical chairs due to tile work and construction we’ve had going on since we found our plumbing issue over Christmas break.

Its now 9 at night and my mom just offered me a ruffle chip.. with butter spread on it. Geez louise. Today wasn’t very eventful, I am going to bed.

Another film photo..

Taken on my Nikkormat EL with a 28mm lens. Vancouver, Washington. November 2019.

Two albums I played today.. By the end of this you should know I have a very broad taste in music.

Smokey Robinson https://open.spotify.com/album/6dePMhqoFfN5mm73ChBgOU?si=5N3gEhM_RV-rKy_tAkvzRg

Taylor Swift https://open.spotify.com/album/1NAmidJlEaVgA3MpcPFYGq?si=F4N0yYMvSyOraEGRLLvjOw

You MUST be curious of the SpongeBob playlist I listened to..