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Close enough to look in my eye..Corona.

Updated: Jun 14

I slept in a little today, and by sleeping in I mean I got out of bed around 8 am. I didn't eat any breakfast until I had a bagel at work. Ally's everything bagels are so good, you don't even need cream cheese. That is the perfect bagel to me. Shoot, I'm drooling.

I probably freaked a few people out wiping down the surfaces anyone touched as they left the shop but better safe than sorry.. 🥴

Tried my hardest not to touch my face today anytime my nose itched.. Which seems like much more often considering a national pandemic is amongst us in the air and I am paying closer attention to it than I would any normal day.

After work/errand running I came home to clean a little more in my room and fold/hang the clothes I had taken with me to stay at my friend's while the work was being done on our floors. It feels really really nice to cozy up again in my space with my dim lights, salt rock lamp, instruments and familiar candles. I can't wait until our washer and dryer are hooked up again in the coming day or two, so I can sleep on fresh sheets.

Tonight I reorganized my reading nook and played around a little bit on my acoustic. Here is Wish You Were Here + then some..

Anddddd just a little dittle.

Will one of you remind me to share the story about a cardinal and myself from a few weeks prior? I think about it every time to share but.. I am too sleepy to continue. I should start these blogs in the morning and work on them throughout the day.

Also, a friend of mine blogged about me blogging today. I see you too, Richard!

As promised, another film photo. Taken on my Nikkormat EL in Portland, Oregon.

and..the music I listened to today.


and an acquaintance of mine in the arts.. providing me sweet sweet jams.


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